Using ecoflowersupplies bouquet sleeves

I have been using our sleeves for our bouquets all summer, which, to be frank, was something I didn’t think was going to happen at the beginning of lockdown.

After the initial shock, people started to think about how they could contact their loved ones to express their feelings, and as luck would have it, those of us with cutting gardens and a facility to offer contactless delivery, were suddenly in great demand.

That was where the ecoflowersupplies bouquet sleeves came in. They are so quick and easy to use, and they look neat and smart finished with ribbon or raffia and our floristry brand logo stickers. Customers love the fact that they are eco friendly, which is underlined by our ‘compostable packaging’ stickers, which I always use.

We decided to stick with offering 3 sizes of bouquet so that customers could be clear about what was on offer, and using artisan grown seasonal flowers with great green credentials added to the biodegradable wrapping has proved very popular.

We find that the small cone sleeves hold around 15-18 stems forming a decent size of bouquet for an entry price. The large cone sleeves hold around 20-25 stems at a midpoint price, and the pointed sleeves hold around 30 stems making a generous bouquet for a reasonable price.

I have, in the very hot weather, used our compostable cellophane to make a reservoir by wrapping the stems with the cellophane first and tying before slipping the bouquet into the sleeve. This is best done with a double layer of cellophane. I then fill the ‘bag’ made by the cellophane with water by carefully pouring water into the centre of the flowers.

This, also, can add an extra glamour element if you want to jazz it up a bit! Best results for this come with using the 80cm wide roll.

Why not get ahead for next season by stocking up with our products ready to start?

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