Re-wilding our Industrial Estate space with the help of WILDEAST...

During lockdown, like so many businesses up and down the country, turnover plummeted.

Looking for positives we decided that, alongside seeking new ways to market and the product changes required to ride out the pandemic, we would use some of the time to start a project in our garden at the back of our unit on an Industrial Estate in Norwich.

It is fair to say back then 'garden' was not the most accurate description! At that initial stage it was a rubble strewn yard, with just the odd tuft of grass peeking through amongst the debris.

With inspiration required our MD, Sarah Smith, read an article in the Eastern Daily Press exploring the great work being done by WildEast, helping to return areas back to nature throughout the region.

With a lot of hard work and enjoyable time spent clearing, digging and building we were able to create a wonderful space for all of the staff to use. We even have meetings with customers and suppliers outside to enjoy the surroundings.

Soon, with our Plantable Seeded Paper that grows into wild flowers, amongst the plants in place we were starting to see an increase in the insect and wildlife visiting us.

It still needing development to make it increasingly nature friendly and fit fully into the ethos of Eco Flower Supplies & Dynamic Print. Sarah had another conversation with WildEast and a visit from them proved both educational and inspirational.

We now have a lot more species of plants that are perfect for the insects, such as lavender and a diverse mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables. There are compost heaps, feeders for birds and three ponds for aquatic species to enjoy and to also act as watering holes for all wildlife.

We now regularly have numerous types of bees and other insects visiting the habitats created. Additionally the larger species are appearing, we have frogs, toads, and dragonflies along with numerous bird species including a variety finches. Plus vowels, moles and our newest resident a hedgehog who is partial to his favourite treats retrieved from the compost heap!

This has proved to be an extremely enjoyable project for us all with the added benefit of supporting flourishing plant and wildlife growth that brings new surprises constantly. We use the garden everyday to relax in, spending time feeding the birds, fish and whoever else may turn up next!

For more information on the wide ranging work WildEast are involved in and to read their full article on our project check out their website here:

For more information on our Plantable Seeded Paper that grows into wild flowers call us on 01603 400040 or email

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