Eco Friendly & Sustainable Floristry Supplies for the Future

We need your help and feedback…

Everyone needs to play their part in addressing the environmental issues we are facing.

The pressure is, understandably, on the Floristry industry to become increasingly eco-friendly and to work in a sustainable way. Amongst the challenges you face are the requirements to move away from plastics in favour of recycled, easily recyclable and sustainable materials. For example kraft paper, recycled card and biodegradable cellophane.

At Eco Flower Supplies we specialise in our world of packaging and print. However we know that when it comes to the day to day requirements of Florists and Floral industry professionals up and down the UK, the people who know best the products and innovations required are people like you.

We like to think we are helping lead the way with our kraft paper flower sleeves. Along with many other products, many of them upcycling paper and card from our parent company , rather than them going directly into the recycling system before every usage has been explored.

With all of the above in mind we would welcome any ideas for new products, or variations on our existing ones, that would make your days easier and In turn your business more successful. All whilst moving the industry further down the eco friendly and sustainable path.

If you have a few minutes to send us a message on email, Instagram or would like to call us with your ideas we will be sending a package containing 50 of our kraft paper flower sleeves plus other samples to the three best ideas we receive and are able to put into practice.

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