Are eco claims misleading shoppers?

In July, Good Housekeeping had an article entitled ‘Are Eco claims misleading shoppers?’ This is also a relevant point for the floristry industry. If we are making theses claims we need to be sure we can back it up with the evidence.

Terms such as ‘biodegradable’, ‘recyclable’ and ‘compostable’ reassure people, but these claims may not actually mean what you think they do.

Biodegradable - anything that claims to be biodegradable, plastic bags or packages for example, should break down completely into natural materials such as water and CO2 when bacteria and other microbes get working. Strangely, the UK government has not set a time limit for the length of time that it should take to break down, and as it can vary enormously this claim can be spurious.

Compostable - so this can be put straight on the compost heap, right? Not always. For a product to be labelled compostable, it has to break down into natural materials within around 90 days. However, this might only happen in an industrial composter and not the one in you garden! Products that are certified ‘home compostable’ will be easily compostable in a garden setting.

Recyclable - everyone assumes that if something is labelled as recyclable it can go in the kerbside collection. But this term only applies if there is a collection for that particular material in your area.

You can check with your local council what is accepted.

Eco Flower Supplies is confident that all our products fall into the correct allowances for our claims.

Info from WWF-UK, and (postcode checker)

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